About mAnagr.com

Welcome to mAnagr.com – the service that helps you to manage your players.

Simply register your Club, your team and your players then use mAnagr.com to plan each match, to communicate with your players via email or SMS and to record your results and match reports and statistics.

At the end of the season, mAnagr.com can then supply a variety of match records and other memorabilia for you, your players and your Club, as well as easing the pain of ensuring that end of season players’ medals and trophies are supplied on time and to your specification.

Register now – it’s completely free of charge – and let mAnagr.com help you mAnage.



WHY USE mAnagr.com?

As a manager of a football team, whether it be Under-8 Juniors or at a senior level, you have to keep track of your players’ details and be able to communicate with them quickly and effectively. Phoning around sixteen players trying to arrange the next match takes time and effort and, over the course of a season, can add considerably to your phone bills.

By maintaining your players’ contact details on mAnagr.com, you can send them all the same message at a click of a button and manage their response.

Having determined who is and who is not available, you can then use mAnagr.com to plan and record your team for the match and then, once played, maintain a record of results, scorers, man of the match, match reports, etc.

At the end of the season, these statistics can be used to produce match records for presentation to the players as a memento of the season.

By nominating individuals from your squad list to receive trophies and medals, mAnagr.com can help ensure that the details on the trophies are exactly to your requirements - no more engraving errors to upset the award winners!

Registration is completely free so try it now – what have you got to lose?